LEAD Financial Strategists

Change in name from DHA Financial Services to LEAD

We are very excited to inform you that our firm, Frank Fourie and Associates (Pty) Ltd trading as DHA Financial Services, will change to LEAD Financial Strategists (Pty) Ltd trading as LEAD (Listen-Evaluate-Advise-Develop) in accordance with a resolution signed by the directors on 16 November 2016. The change in name will be implemented early 2017, the official date is dependent on the finalization of our Financial Service Provider (FSP) contracts with the different Insurance, Assurance and Investment companies.

Please be advised that there is no change in management or ownership. Frank Fourie and Associates (Pty) Ltd are registered as an Authorized Financial Service Provider (FSP Number: 38923) and our registered details with the Financial Services Board (FSB) will be amended accordingly. Your personal, close corporation, company and trust Letter of Appointment, Service Level Agreement and Mandates are signed under our FSP Number (38923) and will therefore continue to be valid under our new name.

We do have to implement the following changes:

  • New monthly debit order instruction form to be signed, for your existing monthly retainer with our firm;
  • Your existing financial products (investments and risks) are currently listed under DHA Life CC (FSP Number 6825) and we will transfer your products to our FSP contracts registered under the name LEAD Financial Strategists (Pty) Ltd.

What effect does the change in name have on you?

  • There will be no change in your existing service level agreement;
  • Your agreed upon financial advisor fees relating to your financial products will remain unchanged;
  • The financial advisor fees relating to your financial products will be paid directly to LEAD Financial Strategists (Pty) Ltd bank account;
  • There is no penalty or cost applicable to transfer your financial products to LEAD Financial Strategists (Pty) Ltd;
  • Frank Fourie is the appointed Key Individual and Representative for LEAD Financial Strategists (Pty) Ltd and will remain as the appointed financial advisor for your financial products.

Our office contact details will remain the same, however the general email address will change to info@leadfinancial.co.za and website to www.leadfinancial.co.za. We look forward to continue to add value to you and your business.