Festive Greetings

With 2020 a few weeks away, it’s a good time to review your finances and think about the things you can do now to achieve your financial goals in the year ahead. In this newsletter, we remind you about safeguarding your standard of living by having sufficient life and disability cover in place, making informed […]

LEAD Closing Notice

Can you believe 2018 is drawing to a close? The past year has been quite dramatic from a South African perspective. A slow recovery from a “technical” recession, three Finance Ministers within a year, not even mentioning the daily challenges we have to deal with in our personal and business lives. Amidst this turmoil, LEAD continues to […]

How secure is your income?

Is your Income Protected? According to FMI #RealityCheck survey, people underestimate the likelihood of an injury or illness and overestimate the risk of death, often resulting in the wrong mix of cover. Ensure that you’re covered for your most prevalent risks. Please follow the link to a short video: Call us about income benefits […]

Accounting Solution

Do you feel frustrated, tired or overwhelmed with reporting requirements, turnaround times to get financial reports to make informed financial decisions or, with the delay to get reports to your bank manager? Choosing the right accounting and payroll solutions is critical to provide you with real-time reports and for business success. It serves as the […]

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